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Introducing the Radian™ Wireless Instrument system from WaveAngle. In redefining usability, the Radian is the first to combine crystal-clear digital audio and rock-solid wireless connectivity, all in an ultra-compact form factor.
The Radian combines a cutting-edge RF radio engine with sophisticated frequency management that will automatically adapt to your playing environment. You will hear better sound quality than ever before, with no more hissing and popping.
We believe easy usability is just as essential as great sound. The Radian uses state of the art wireless technology that gives new meaning to the term “easy”. Don’t waste time worrying about some complicated set-up…just plug in, turn on, and rock out!
“Terrific sound…affordable…and with the ease of wireless”
- Radian Wireless Instrument System.
Experience Smart Wireless Freedom from WaveAngle.