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The Radian™ Wireless Instrument system combines the cutting-edge digital wireless technology, high-quality uncompressed audio, and enhanced usability and features you would expect for any professional setup. Not only the smallest ever wireless system, the Radian also provides longer range (up to 100 feet depending on your environment), while eliminating any signal loss allowing you to produce CD-quality music that fits your playing style and your pocketbook!
Built on a modern wireless networking engine, the Radian™ system delivers fully uncompressed audio with full 128x oversampling and fully automatic frequency management so you never have to hassle with interference or channel selection. Say goodbye to the hiss and pop of UHF and VHF systems, and hello to crisp, clear digital audio. Finally, the Radian system transmits in the 2.4GHz ISM band enabling you to walk into any gig at home or around the world and never worry about local regulation again.
The Radian Wireless Instrument System features:
• 2 miniature units complete with receiver and transmitter
• 20 hours of playing time using single AAA battery
• 2.4 GHz International License-free ISM band
• Compact Pocket-Jack™ connector designed to fit neatly in your instrument jack with no dangling wires and straight into your amp pedal or mixing board with no power connections
• Auto-lock™ pairing for a no-hassle instant secure setup
• Easy access to on-the-fly gain control and mute
• Onboard LEDs monitor signal strength, battery life, mute, sleep mode, and gain meter
• Sleep mode extends battery life when muted
• Mini rock case for both units fit easily into your gig bag

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